Measuring quality

Jitter and packet loss test tool - freeware

Our free software for Windows, Android, Linux "Continuous Speed Test" measures quality of internet connection using multiple bidirectional concurrent UDP streams to multiple servers. The software tool encodes timestamps into UDP packets, measures jitter and packet loss from the timestamps. It reports following:
  • Upstream bandwidth
  • Downstream bandwidth
  • Upstream jitter
  • Upstream packet loss
  • Downstream jitter
  • Downstream packet loss
  • Round trip time (RTT) or ping delay
  • History of downtimes (when packet loss is above threshold)
  • Uptime percentage
It is possible to run the test between your 2 devices, one as a client and another as your own server, it is useful to measure network quality between two specific endpoints.

Use our Continuous Speed Test Tool to measure Packet Loss and Jitter

Note: the internet speed tests may crash your hardware, if it is not reliable. In case of crashes, please restart hardware and report the problem to vendor.
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