VoIP testing and monitoring software

StarTrinity software company develops world class server side VoIP software for testing, proxying, termination of SIP/RTP/T.38 traffic. Publically available VoIP software products are:
SIP Tester
is used to test and monitor quality of SIP/RTP servers, trunks, VoIP networks, to analyse .pcap files
SIP Softswitch
is used for VoIP wholesale, termination, origination, IP-PBX, IVR, conference servers, autodialers, call centers
Network Tester
is used for VoIP readiness testing to test jitter, packet loss, MOS in prospect's network before dealing with them
Online tests: continuous speed test, internet reliability test, VoIP readiness test


Our software is based on Microsoft Windows, C#, .NET, WPF and C/C++. Development methods include:
  • tracking user's experience and improving software based on feedback
  • getting immediate bug reports and fixing problems in short period of time
  • keeping codebase clean and healthy, massive refactoring and optimization of code
  • running extensive stress tests
  • talking and listening to customers, receiving requests of new features
  • researching activity of competitors
  • writing documentation based on customers' questions: minimizing need of live technical support


We are proud of high stability and easy maintenance of the software. We do value:
  • easy, understandable GUI and fast learning curve for customers
  • efficiency of GUI and API
  • high speed of installation and configuration
  • quality and robustness of our code
  • prompt bug fixing and rapid development of new features

Key executive

Sergey Aleshin

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