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Extremely high upload packet loss

How should I interpret the results? My test (using the Easy, for users tab) shows that the Upload has extremely high packet loss - only occasionally less than 40% and usually 100%, and my question is what does this mean? My troubles with my ISP appear to me to be on the Upload side. There is enormous latency in making an Upload connection. So much so that most vanilla internet speed tests (and lots of other apps) actually time out and report "no internet connection" faults.

Yes, it looks like there is a problem with upload direction. One thing I would try - change network adapter. If you use wifi, can you try wired connection (LAN, ethernet)? It can help to clarify situation - is it ISP's or adapter's issue.

Is packet loss value = 0% good or not?

What if the theĀ "Packet Loss" column says "0.00%" - do we have good signal or vice versa?

Yes, packet loss of 0% is perfect result. Normally in internet there can be small packet loss below 1%, and peak packet loss below 3%. Higher packet loss means congestion in upstream or downstream data channels, in internet provider, or in WiFi/4G/LTE routers

What does it mean if RTT/ping column varies from 10s to 100s?

It means that round trip delay (RTT) is too high. It means that packets are stored in routers in queue for such long time, and it means too long delays between client and server

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