Measuring quality

Continuous internet speed test tool

  • Internet speed test with long duration: long-term download and upload bandwidth (speed) test tool
  • HTML (online), Windows, Linux, Android versions, free and open source software
  • Measures download and upload bandwidth, packet loss and round trip time (RTT, ping)
  • Measures and tracks bandwidth of your internet connection during a long (unlimited) period of time
  • Measures reliability of internet connection (uptime in percents, max. downtime)
  • Tracks connection outages and drops of bandwidth
  • Runs on your own Windows PC as a server, to check stability of your LAN/wifi router(s)

Use cases

  • Selecting the fastest and most reliable internet provider - 3G, 4G LTE, wifi, satellite, ADSL, FTTx
  • Measuring reliability of internet connection for mission critical applications, for consumer applications (e.g. youtube)
  • Testing stability of wifi, LTE network adapters
  • Selecting best wifi/3G/4G router/modem location, best antenna orientation


Assumption: you experience bad internet quality when you use an application: web site in browser, messenger, trading terminal, etc, you want to fix the problem, and you want to know what exactly happens - is it problem of internet provider, your device, wifi router, antenna location, or the app itself.
  • Run this Continuous Speed Test, install it
  • Use your application, with this test running in background
  • When you experience a problem with the application - look into results of this test
  • If the test detects a downtime - it is problem of internet provider or hardware. If no downtime is detected - it is a problem of the application
  • Run the same test on another hardware: another device or another wifi router, or change location of antenna. You can run test on multiple devices at same time to see difference
  • If the test reports downtimes on multiple different devices - it is exactly problem of internet provider: send the results to the provider and let them fix the problem. If they are not able to fix it - use another internet provider
  • Contact us by email: support [at] startrinity [dot] com if you need an advice how to fix internet issues. We maintain a database of known issues with providers and hardware vendors
Frequently asked questions

Android version
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HTML version (online speed test in browser)
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  • You may get inaccurate measurements due to HTML5 browser performance limitations. For better accuracy please use a windows version.
  • All browser-based tests are inadequate if you measure internet speed for VoIP apps (skype, WhatsApp, Viber), video conference apps, other real-time communication applications like Forex trading apps. Therefore we recommend you our free VoIP readiness test.

Windows version
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Linux version

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I love your test tool, it is helping me to understand the real issues with my internet connection. I have a VDSL connection with approx. 18Mbps down and 1Mbps up.
someone in New Zealand

First Review: App is good, You can check your internet connection speed in different areas of your room or any other place and know downtime and uptime for a specific speed as you set, I liked this new concept.
Edit: One problem I found is speed is not accurate, When my net speed is 100kbps it shows 200-250 kbps.

Change Log

2019-06-18 easy GUI to run the tool as your own server, to test your LAN and wifi routers

Roadmap (planned features)

  • Charts to display the measurements
  • Measure jitter
  • Display RTT statistics towards multiple servers, with server's IP geolocation
  • Need something else? Please contact us to request new features, or to express your interest in already planned features.
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