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 Youtube bandwidth test. Check if internet connection is freezing

Our free and open source software for Windows, Android, Linux "Continuous Speed Test" tests your internet connection to make sure that it is fast enough and stable for a long time.
Typically internet connection is fast. When you test it with a short-time speed test, it works well and it looks perfect. But what if you test the connection dusing a long time? You may see unexpected things:
  • downtimes of few minutes - when internet connection does not work at all
  • drops of max. bandwidth - during the "drops" you may experiance problems with youtube video
  • crashes of wifi connection - wifi routers may be not reliable, and you may have to reboot the routers
We develop a free software tool to provide you with true information about quality of your internet connection. You are able to make the tests, store results and show them to your internet provider or to hardware vendor, issue a dispute to protect your rights. Without the tests, situation is like "your internet does not work" - "please update your antivirus and reboot the PC" - it is not good.

What should I do with your test tool?

  • Use our tool to test both your device and internet connection
  • Download the Continuous Speed Test to your device
  • Run the test for a long time. You will get results:
  • Internet connection may be good for a short time, but there may be hangs, freezes, or drops of bandwidth at peak hours
  • Run the test on two or three devices using same internet connection
  • If you identify problems with your internet stability from results, send the results to your provider, claim your rights to get a reliable internet connection, since you pay for the service
Use our Continuous Speed Test Tool

In case of any issues - please contact us, we can help you in troubleshooting

Personal story: I am Alesin Sergei Vladimirovich, a software developer and enterpreneur. For a long time I have been suffering from bad quality of video streaming services. Because of that, I created a software tool to understand myself what really happens with the internet when youtube is freezing. Using the tool I am able to understand what is wrong:
  • browser - should I switch to Chrome, Firefox, Opera?
  • wifi router in laptop or mobile phone - should I change my device? what is better huawei or iphone?
  • wifi router that was delivered by internet provider - is it really good? should I buy another router?
  • internet connection provider - should I use a different provider? should I use 2 providers at same time for reliability?
  • google itself - are their servers really good?
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