Measuring quality

StarTrinity VoIP Status

StarTrinity VoIP Status is a distributed test nodes managing system. A node is an instance of StarTrinity SIP Tester that sends/receives SIP calls, measures quality and sends reports to VoIP Status database.

Free trial

VoIP readiness test (one-time test to check IP network): free trial | tutorial (video) | tutorial (text)
Continuous echo audio test (check 2-way audio quality via VoIP server): view demo | see tutorial
Continuous IP network audio test (audio quality between client-side Cisco ATA device and VoIP server): view demo
Download the web UI and configure database on your server: see tutorial here
Use web UI on our server and our few public VoIP server nodes, set up your own tests: free sign up
Set up a VoIP test node on your own server, without installing Web UI: see tutorial here


Please contact us for details.

What is tested with the VoIP Status

  • IP network between your VoIP server (cloud IP PBX) and customer's SIP phones. Detect possible issues:
    • Low bandwidth, high packet loss or jitter
    • Dropped DSCP 46 (high priority) flag (IP ToS)
    • Firewall
    • SIP ALG
    • NAT: invalid setup for SIP and RTP
    • DHCP server issues: the DHCP server can be unavailable
  • Call center IVR. Detect possible issues:
    • Failed calls: no answer, busy tone
    • Dead air (silence)
    • Invalid audio response
    • Bad audio quality: chopped sound
    • High IVR audio response delay after DTMF
  • Full 2-way audio path from caller via PSTN, PSTN-SIP gateway, IP network, softswitch / SIP media server / IP PBX to destination SIP phone or call center agent's headset
  • International VoIP route. Detect possible issues:
    • False answer supervision (FAS)
    • Bad audio quality causing low ACD
    • Internet and power outages, blocked SIMs causing failed calls and low ASR

VoIP Status test types

Change log

2018-06-02 continuous echo audio verification test
2018-06-08 added tracert test into VoIP readiness test
2018-06-13 added DSCP flag test into VoIP readiness test
2018-11-07 added digital code signature into the downloadable EXE file
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