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How to terminate generated VoIP traffic?

This article describes our way to terminate generated international VoIP traffic. Experienced people should already know the structure of international VoIP market: wholesale carriers, white routes, grey routes (aka international bypass), fraud managers, test call generators, blocked SIM cards (see here for details). The wholesale carriers need a way to terminate generated traffic (test calls) and we offer a solution for this. Most wholesale carriers have already understood the way to make more money by sending generated calls to IVR: it costs almost nothing. Main issue is ACD: test calls have low duration and most calls are aborted by caller side (SIP UAC).

Steps to set up termination of the generated VoIP traffic

  • Sorry, it is confidential, we have erased the steps. Please contact us if you work with generated traffic and want to make money from it

List of countries where it worked

  • Sorry, it is confidential
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