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OTT bypass, other international bypass fraud detection with StarTrinity test call generator (TCG)

With the following CallXML scripts you can help telcos to fight with various types of international bypass fraud:
  • Over-the-top (OTT) bypass fraud: vendors of mobile applications like Viber, Whatsapp, other mobile VoIP dialers cooperate with wholesalers to bypass high rates of international termination. Termination over the top (over IP protocol) is almost free for the application vendors. Having the applications installed on a high percentage of mobile phones all over the world, the vendors use the applications to terminate international calls: more and more people see international calls going to their phones via Viber, when it is turned on.
  • GSM VoIP termination (grey routes) international bypass fraud: people all over the world have VoIP-GSM gateways (aka SIM boxes) terminating international (high-cost) calls at local (low) rates
It becomes more difficult to detect the bypass fraud when the carriers use blending: only a part of traffic goes through the fraud channels.
There are many companies who specialize of detection of the bypass fraud, and today it becomes more and more easy. Almost every VoIP wholesaler is able to make more money by helping telcos to detect bypass fraud.

  • Interconnection with many carriers to the destination country
  • SIP Tester software installed on your server(s) to be used as TCG and call receiver (if needed)
  • CallXML scripts for call generator and receiver containing your logic of fraud detection

Sample scripts for OTT bypass detection

Here are the simplest scripts for OTT bypass detection: call generator(s) send calls to a network of carriers, call receiver (could be installed on same machine) links call to call generator, matched or unmatched result is saved to output file.
Script for call receiver:
[hidden due to NDA]
Script for call generator:
[hidden due to NDA]
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