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Distributed HTTP proxies service

HTTP proxy is a gateway to web sites. By using proxy one can hide his IP address and anonymously login from IP address of the proxy. Hiding/changing original IP address can be needed for

  • Anonymous web surfing
  • Posting spam
  • Access web site if one's IP address is blocked
There are many websites which offer HTTP proxies distributed over the world. Problem with these proxies is that their IP addresses can be easily blacklisted by web sites. The distributed proxy (DP) software runs on client's PC behind firewall. It can be considered as reverse HTTP proxy. Requests to web sites go via IP address of distributed proxy.

Cheap HTTP proxies distributed over the world

This open source project can be used to start a business in internet. The business idea is to deploy central server and distribute thousands of DP's over the world and sell these proxies to end users at very low price. End users will be able to choose thousands of IPs. Cost of such proxy is supposed to be very small compared to "normal" HTTP proxies based on one central server. Written in C#, it supports HTTP and HTTPS. Data is stored in MySQL database.

Download source code
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