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StarTrinity jobs

StarTrinity Softswitch sales agent

  • Promote StarTrinity softswitch to big company / companies
  • Set up recurring monthly subscription to use the softswitch
  • Optionally do technical support of the softswitch
Bonus: some % of the monthly payment, need to discuss

Software developer / partner in startup project(s)

Skills required (some are optional):
  • Languages: technical english, C/C++, C#, MSSQL
  • Frameworks: .NET, Entity Framework (Code First), ASP.NET MVC, Xamarin
  • Environments: MS Visual Studio, QT, MS SQL Management Studio
For details please visit our educational web portal and contact us. We have various projects waiting to be developed by you, about 20 pending in list now (2018).

For application please contact us
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