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VoIP Security Test and Validation Suite, SIP Security Test Tool, SIP Fuzzing Software

Sorry, the information is confidential. Please send requests to sales [at] startrinity [dot] com. The suite includes
  • CallXML engine
  • Distributed SIP Tester nodes and central management software
  • Recommended CallXML scripts for penetration testing
  • Scripts for SIP scanning
  • Scripts to scan SIP DDoS reflectors
  • Scripts for brute force attacks
  • Scripts for IP spoofing
  • Scripts for stateful SIP fuzzing
  • Scripts for RTP fuzzing
  • Scripts for various DoS attacks (at least 5 attack types)


2018 - started to work with VoIP penetration testing
2018..2019 - discovered few serious vulnerabilities
2019-03 - removed all published information about the penetration testing due to its potential dangerous impact, it is available to trusted companies only now
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