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StarTrinity Softswitch Change Log

List of regular technical changes in the Softswitch software. To request a new feature please contact us.
2022-07-30 fixed display of current calls count at dialer campaigns webpage
2022-01-03 setting "NumberListIdsToLoadAtStartup"
2021-02-04 improved performance of number list lookup procedure
2020-11-13 implemented simplest anti-FAS call processing logic
2020-06-20 SIP proxy settings for terminators
2019-11-03 "getcallcenteragent" CallXML element, API method "/API/MainViewModel/CallcenterAgents/Upload"
2019-03-11 option to change originator ID
2019-03-04 email notification to originator/client when balance is below some threshold
2019-02-06 parameters "gatewayId" and "channelId" to select GSM channel explicitly, for human behaviour simulation
2019-01-22 CallXML element "log" writes to call's routing/billing log, accessable from CDR
2019-01-15 CLI dynamic blacklisting, with static list of exceptions
2019-01-11 pricelists CDR analyser (rate decks comparison tool)
2019-01-08 option to add terminator in routing group without billing (no destination set)
2019-01-04 suffix-based blacklists
2019-01-03 A+B (caller ID and called ID) pair filter mode for whitelisting
2019-01-02 CDR analyser module for blacklisting, whitelisting
2018-12-28 moved CDR display search procedure into background thread
2018-12-21 moved CDR export into background thread
2018-12-14 fixed a security issue: termination total cost was displayed to originator via web UI
2018-11-05 supported RE-INVITE in 3PCC (open RTP) mode
2018-11-04 custom logo for web UI, top menu panel
2018-10-30 routing group policy "priority+weight"
2018-10-28 custom CallXML scripts per originator
2018-10-25 "local SIP address" setting for terminators
2018-10-23 "IVR filter" script with UI for originators
2018-10-19 CallXML scripts with UI for originators
2018-10-14 dialer campaigns
2018-07-26 new field "hunt stop SIP codes" in routing group settings
2018-06-09 unconditional DID forwarding mode entries accessible in originator web UI
2018-05-16 multiple DID numbers in unconditional DID forwarding mode
2018-04-01 new field tenant.BaseCurrency
2018-04-01 added IVR files for Indonesian and Portuguese languages
2018-04-01 new field employee.AllowedTerminatorIDs
2018-03-04 new settings "CdrReadTimeoutS", "CdrStatisticsReadTimeoutS", "MaxCdrReaderThreadsCount"
2018-02-20 email notifications subsystem. notifications about low disk space and RAM
2018-02-07 email notifications subsystem. notifications about low ASR and ACD
2018-01-29 new field "Employee" - "Allowed Gateway IDs"
2018-01-23 email notifications subsystem. notifications for tenants about account expiry
2018-01-12 improvements in tenant management web UI
2018-01-10 added option to download dynamic blacklist to file
2018-01-09 improved test call settings on "GSM gateway details" web page
2018-01-06 new field "SIM operator" - "decimal separator", it is used to request balance
2018-01-04 new field "GSM gateway channel" - "dedicated for originator (ID)"
2018-01-02 new field "GSM gateways" - "dedicated for originator (ID)"
2018-01-02 sending USSD requests to GSM gateway channels in batch mode
2017-12-16 filter rejection rate display for originators on status screen
2017-12-16 custom user-defined HTML code to insert into web UI, for integration with third party tech. support chat software
2017-12-11 CLI filter in CDR web page
2017-12-10 improved Web UI login
2017-12-06 CDR statistics screen - download CDR file in originators web UI
2017-12-04 CDR statistics screen - checkbox to download only connected calls in CDR file
2017-11-27 downloadable WAV recordings in originator web UI
2017-11-27 supported # character in tech. prefix
2017-11-06 test calls for originator web UI
2017-10-29 filtering settings for originator
2017-10-24 different access levels for softswitch administrators and users
2017-10-11 getting SIM balance via SMS
2017-10-06 field "enabled" in routing group items
2017-09-30 limit total connected time per SIM
2017-09-10 CDR CSV files split mode: "day" or "month"
2017-09-03 automatic SIM balance recharging
2017-09-02 min. and max. number of digits filter in tariff and destination set rates
2017-09-02 multi-language support for originator's IVR menu
2017-08-28 basic SIM management features for Dbltek GoIP GSM gateways
2017-08-27 file format selection when uploading number list file
2017-08-21 field terminator - CallXML element name, for advanced call processing
2017-07-27 destination set - rate - new field "max channels"
2017-07-18 call recording settings for originator and terminator
2017-07-16 routing group policy "rate priority + least cost"
2017-07-04 improved status page (dashboard)
2017-06-25 routing group item setting "max channes count"
2017-06-24 Web UI for terminators/suppliers
2017-06-23 user-friendly GUI for dynamic blacklists
2017-06-22 optional free calls between originators (softphones)
2017-06-09 general LCR view, rates statistics
2017-06-07 bulk modification of rates in web interface
2017-06-07 max connected time setting for terminator
2017-06-06 originator field "custom called ID" for DID forwarding
2017-06-06 online/offline status indicator for originators (SIP phones)
2017-06-06 make test calls to multiple numbers to check real capacity of trunks
2017-06-05 extended CDR display filters
2017-06-03 balance and remaining minutes IVR playback
2017-05-26 static blacklists and whitelists
2017-05-26 originator "max calls per second" field
2017-05-16 improved filters on CDR web page
2017-05-15 terminator details: setting "CLI regular expressions"
2017-05-15 terminator details: setting "prefixes to remove"
2017-05-14 terminator details: settings "18x timeout", "2xx timeout"
2017-05-13 terminator details: setting "custom/fake ringback tones"
2017-05-13 terminator details: setting "enabled until this time"
2017-04-09 implementation for missed call routes
2017-03-24 API method "/API/MainViewModel/Originators/CreateOriginator" to integrate softswitch with VoIP originator's signup webpage
2017-03-02 flag "enabled" for routes and tariff rates
2016-09-13 (SIP Tester, softswitch) WebUI to manage audio files
2016-08-30 username and password authentication mode for originators
2016-08-28 dynamic IP address mode for terminator
2016-08-08 Minor improvements in CDR and status web UI
2016-07-27 improved routing
2016-06-11 implemented call transfer mode "suppressAnswerBeforeRbt", parameters "disconnectOnSilenceLevel" and "disconnectOnSilenceTimeout"
2016-06-06 implemented multi-tenancy (usage of single server by multiple independent VoIP business owners, shared hosting)
2016-05-22 implemented AAA and billing, tested
2016-02-21 API method "/API/MainViewModel/CreateCall" to integrate StarTrinity softswitch with a web application (for someone in France)
2014-12-12 Basic Web API for softswitch and SIP Tester is ready for use

Note: this is not full list of implemented features.

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