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StarTrinity SIP Tester as a free VoIP recorder

The StarTrinity SIP Tester can be used as a free VoIP recorder for your IP PBX or softswitch (like Asterisk or FreeSwitch). It runs on Windows as a service, captures VoIP traffic (SIP+RTP) via mirroring port, decodes it and saves to CDR and WAV files. The CDR data is saved via ODBC driver, it can be your MSSQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL or other database. G.729 and G.711 RTP frames are saved to WAV files to hard disk, recorded file name is saved into CDR. The recorder is free to use by commercial and non-commercial organizations.
Performance: 1700 concurrent G.711 calls, 420 G.729 calls on a 4x3.5GHz i7, 8GB RAM server

Here are steps to install the VoIP recorder:
  • Connect a Windows server to a mirroring port
  • Install WinPCAP on the server
  • Download SIP Tester binaries, extract (unzip) into into some folder, run StarTrinity.SIPTester.Service.install.bat with administrator rights
  • The bat file should install "StarTrinity SIP Tester" Windows service and open web interface. In the web interface enter password for administrator
  • Go to settings, set "DetectAllSipCalls" = "1", "SaveRtpPacketsToMixedWav" = "1", "GuiUpdateIntervalMs" = "60000", restart "StarTrinity SIP Tester" in windows services manager
  • Make few test calls, see the recorded calls in CDR web interface, listen recorded WAV files to check the system
  • Install ODBC adapter for your database type. Create a database on your database server
  • Set settings "WriteCdrToCsv" = "0", "WriteCdrToDb" = "1", "CdrTableName", "CdrOdbcConnectionString", according to your ODBC adapter
  • Increase setting "DetectedRtpStreamMaxIdleTimeMs" if you have discontinuous (VAD) RTP streams in your environment, so RTP streams will not be deleted on silence
  • Restart the service, start live VoIP traffic, check data in CDR table
  • Give us your feedback


  • VoIP recording (setting "SaveRtpPacketsToMixedWav") requires either windows service or command line operation mode. Desktop GUI mode is not supported for VoIP recording
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