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International VoIP traffic CDR Analysis Tool

The CDR Analyser (Analysis Tool) is a software module in StarTrinity Softswitch which is used to process CDR records (call history), generated by this softswitch and other softswitches. The software module opens list of CDR files, analyses the data and reports meaningful statistics as list of numbers. The generated list of numbers (A, B, A+B, complete numbers, prefixes) is tested against live traffic to estimate its efficiency - ASR and ACD.

Use cases

  • Generate whitelists and blacklists for anti SIM blocking solution, minimize SIM blocking
  • Profile VoIP traffic
  • Develop and optimize fingerprinting algorithms
  • Optimize filter settings to reduce SIM barring
  • Optimize filter settings to terminate generated VoIP traffic
  • Optimize filter settings to increase ACD and ASR for wholesale carriers
  • Analyse and filter sources of wholesale VoIP traffic: test call generator traffic, call center (CC, dialer) traffic

How to use

Please use free trial:
  • Pass live traffic for some time via our softswitch or import CDR files from your current softswitch
  • Go to menu - Status - "CDR to number lists". Set parameters for the CDR analysis - grouping and filter thresholds:
    CDR analysis - VoIP, GSM Termination
  • Click 'Start', wait for completion. It may take few hours to process a year of CDR records
  • See results (number list), export them to CSV file
  • Test the number list against today's CDR to see its ASR and ACD
  • Use the results (number lists) as black lists, white lsits in your softswitch or in our softswitch
  • Read StarTrinity Softswitch documentation here

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