Continuous internet speed test tool

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Use cases


Assumption: you experience bad internet quality when you use an application: web site in browser, messenger, trading terminal, etc, you want to fix the problem, and you want to know what exactly happens - is it problem of internet provider, your device, wifi router, antenna location, or the app itself.

Run the test on Windows

Download installer for Windows

Run test on Android

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Run the internet test tool from command line with a web UI

Download for Linux x64 (Most desktop distributions like CentOS, Debian, Fedora, Ubuntu, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6+, and derivatives)
Download for Linux ARM (Linux distributions running on ARM like Raspbian on Raspberry Pi Model 2+)
Download for Linux ARM64 (Linux distributions running on 64-bit ARM like Ubuntu Server 64-bit on Raspberry Pi Model 3+)
Download for MacOS (Minimum OS version is macOS 10.12 Sierra)
Download for Windows x64 (for desktop GUI see another installer)
Download for Windows x86
Note: please download the archive and extract into some clean folder. On Linux set 'executable' attribute to extracted file "CST.CrossPlatform" if needed:
# use this if needed for permissions: sudo -i
mkdir /usr/bin/startrinity_cst
cd /usr/bin/startrinity_cst
# if wget is missing on centos/rhel: sudo yum install wget
# or startrinity_cst_linux_arm.tar.gz or startrinity_cst_linux_arm64.tar.gz (see above)
tar xzvf startrinity_cst_linux_x64.tar.gz
./CST.CrossPlatform --download-limit 10 --upload-limit 10 --output-measurements

Command line example for Linux: ./CST.CrossPlatform --download-limit 10 --upload-limit 10 --output-measurements
Command line example for Windows: CST.CrossPlatform.exe --download-limit 10 --upload-limit 10 --output-measurements

Command line arguments

If you want to get binaries for some other OS from this list, please contact us.


This is exactly what I needed to align my 4G outdoor receiver to get the maximum possible speed. Instead of running a speed test or downloading a content after each alignment, this app makes it pretty easy.

Great work! I have used the continuous speed test several times to get my cable company to fix the internet connection.
someone in US

The Continuous Speed Test helped me narrow down a problem that had been plaguing my system for intermittent failure of a wireless card on one of my computers. The card only failed - and briefly - when a significant amount of data was being transferred through it. So, I set up the Continous Speed Test on the impacted device and on a laptop connected to the same WiFi. The failures on the internet stability test were obvious and helped me trace down the problem. I swapped out the bad card and the problem was fixed! Thank you!
someone in US

This is the only app I have found that runs continuously while I adjust my cellular modem antenna for not only the best speed but the best quality. Since I live in an area with low cellular signal, this is important to me. other apps just tell me the speed at a single moment. Thanks for the great app!

Great program. Used it to diagnose a connection issue, and it worked great. I bookmarked the site and will install it again in the future if I need it.

I love your test tool, it is helping me to understand the real issues with my internet connection. I have a VDSL connection with approx. 18Mbps down and 1Mbps up.
someone in New Zealand

First Review: App is good, You can check your internet connection speed in different areas of your room or any other place and know downtime and uptime for a specific speed as you set, I liked this new concept.
Edit: One problem I found is speed is not accurate, When my net speed is 100kbps it shows 200-250 kbps.

Change Log

2019-06-18 easy GUI to run the tool as your own server, to test your LAN and wifi routers
2020-05-12 improved CPU performance
2020-05-23 fixed "false downtime" issue
2020-06-02 added TCP download and upload tests
2020-06-02 published binaries for Linux (Ubuntu, CentOS, Red Hat, Raspberry Pi): now the tool runs with command line interface and it also opens a HTTP port for web UI
2020-08-08 new test mode: only continuous ICMP ping, without any download/upload
2020-08-23 improved performance for low bandwidths (20kbps)
2020-09-06 measuring jitter and packet loss burst length
2020-09-25 published binaries for "Center" and tutorial how to set up monitoring with custom server(s), center and MySQL database

Roadmap (planned features)