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VoIP readiness and speed testing with StarTrinity Network tester tool - manual

  • Test internet connection bandwidth for new clients
    (run VoIP speed tests)
  • Measure packet loss, jitter and MOS during a long-duration VoIP speed test
    (reliability of internet connection during weeks)
  • Manage VoIP readiness tests via web interface
  • Let the customer run an exe file
  • Run server-side exe file on your own server
  • Integrate VoIP readiness test page into your website
database with
tests and
measurements (can be installed on your server)
Web UI
for management
and reporting
client test agent(s)
server test agent(s)
VoIP packets
IP network under test


The VoIP readiness testing is needed for VoIP system integrators to assess quality, speed and reliability of their customer's IP networks before deploying VoIP software - PBX system, call center, unified communication (UC) solution. Our software simulates VoIP activity that the customer would have after having migrated to your VoIP service: having only SIP phones at the customer site, and your cloud VoIP server. The tests are performed by a sales person in order to verify that your VoIP service will work without problem on the customer infrastructure (checks bandwidth, packet loss, jitter, ports opening on the firewall, voice quality). If tests fails, the software indicates what should be corrected: open ports, configure NAT on router, increase bandwidth, use static IP, etc. It is possible to initiate the tests by your technical staff, or by visitors of your website. The VoIP speed test can be integrated into your website (see example)..
Recently some browsers have blocked Flash and Java; HTML5 has major limitations on sending and receiving VoIP packets. Our software runs as a native application (exe file) on a customer's machine, so it has a better performance and ability to operate with network libraries on low level.

The system is free to use without technical support. Commercial license with technical support is available for purchasing.
Purchase commercial license for 12 months with technical support


  • Your company - we presume that your company uses our software to test IP networks. You provide VoIP solutions and you need to manage risks
  • Customer - your company's current customer or new prospect
  • Test agent - an instance of IP traffic generator and receiver, installed on customer's machine, on our servers or on your company's servers. The test agent is an executable file, it connects to central server to get instructions for the tests and to save measurements
  • Central test manager server - our cloud server "" which manages the tests, stores measurements and displays results in web interface

Step-by-step tutorial for VoIP readiness testing

  • To run a quick demo test go to this page
  • Sign up
  • (optional, if you want to run tests between client and your own server) Define "server" test agent(s) on "Test Agents" page
    • Go to test agents map web page
    • Add new test agent(s) using drag and drop
    • Configure the test agents: "has public IP and open ports" = "checked", "VoIP readiness tests..." - "use as server for VoIP readiness tests"
    • Download test agent application to the server(s) with public IP address, run it. Optionally configure OS to start the app automatically when OS is started
    • Configure windows firewall, allow incoming connections to the application, or open UDP ports 5060, 5062, 14014, 15000...16000
    • Check status of the test agents in "Test agents" web page, it must be "green" = "online"
  • If you initiate the VoIP readiness tests for the customer yourself
  • If the customer initiates the VoIP readiness test himself on your website
  • Based on the results, make a decision for the new or existing customer:
    • Require a better internet connection from customer's network to your network: change internet service provider (ISP), change network hardware or setup QoS
    • Require a better connection between customer's PCs within their internal network
    • Run additional tests if results are not clear
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